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Issue 2 ~ "Take A Stroll"

Image of Issue 2 ~ "Take A Stroll"


The second issue, 'Take a Stroll,' inspired by presocratic philosophers, takes a fleet away from daily routines through earth, water, and air.

Contributors: Azra Aksamija, Jesse Alexander, Dimitrios Antonitsis, Aaron Bennett, The Bread&Puppet Theater, Kelly Carmena, Alex Dodge, Juan Carlos Donado, Sarah Dunbar, Max Gleason, Butt Johnson, Aude Jomini, Pali Kashi, Ian Kazanowski, Catalina León , Mariana López, Lesley Ma, Zoë Mendelson, Paper Rad, Cristina Rodriguez, Sabrina Shaffer, Charwei Tsai, Su-Mei Tse, Jordan Wolfson, Andrew Jeffery Wright, Diego Yturbe,

Description: 25x19 cm, 42 pages, limited edition of 500, signed and numbered, with individually handwritten tittle, cover by su-mei tse.

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